East Coast Deliveries and Updates

East coast delivery run update: Our early April truck is full and because it is full as early as it is, our May truck likely will get moved up. Please contact the office at 1-866-838-6729 for further details as these situations are changing on a constant basis and we are working to follow government direction for all our operations
We realize that, especially in the case of greenhouses, how important our structures are to the timely and continued production of food. We are doing everything in our power to safely and conscientiously make our deliveries within guidelines which are mandated

Thank you to all our customers for continuing to trust us during these uncertain times. We are still operating although with altered protocols and procedures to follow new recommendations and regulations with our office & manufacturing facility, ensuring all our employees are safe and healthy.

We are not allowing facility visits at this time. Please respect our measure to keep our employees healthy and respect this decision and stay home

Our driver is taking steps to minimize contact when delivering structures, and we request everyone respect the directions given so that we can keep everyone safe

We will continue to serve you and keep you updated to any changing circumstances. Thank you for supporting small business

Update from MSS, Sending Care During Uncertain Times

Everyone here at Multi Shelter Solutions is very aware, and sensitive to the global health situation developing. We wanted to update all of our valued customers and potential customers and connections on some situations that have needed to change.
Both the Ottawa Valley Farm Show next week, and the Drayton Farm Show at the end of the month have been cancelled. We are disappointed to lose this opportunity to connect with so many of you that we do every year, but we understand keeping everyone safe and healthy for the present and the future is top priority right now.
Our facility remains open, and it’s manufacturing and shipping as usual. At the time of writing there are no disruptions for any of our supplies or parts and if that changes we will keep you updated.
We are taking precautions to keep our employees safe and if they need to take time off due to illness, they will not be penalized or struggle financially due to time off.
We ask that if you have any questions, concerns or are looking to stop by, please phone or book an appointment, and please do not do so if you are ill in anyway (stay home and take care of you!). We are more than happy and available to answer all questions and concerns over phone, or even an interactive video zoom call if you’d prefer.
We want to remind everyone that what you give your attention and energy to will either improve a situation or make it worse, so it is all of our responsibility and values at this time to focus on being grateful for our health, staying calm and focusing on health and well being for ourselves and all those around us, locally and globally. We have the power to change this narrative and let go of panic and fear and come together to help each other during a challenging time of uncertainty.
Please make sure if you know someone who is immune compromised, that someone is checking on them and helping bring them supplies, as we all need to come together during this time and help each other out as much as possible. Please stay as calm as you can, and try to keep perspective about the situation. We wish everyone reading this all the best health, courage to get through this situation, and our hearts go out to anyone negatively affected by this situation.
We look forward to connecting with you in the future at some of the other exciting shows scheduled for later this year. Thank you for your interest in Multi Shelters, and thank you for allowing us into your inbox and project planning. We look forward to helping you with your 2020 projects!
~Sincerely, Norm & the Multi Shelters Team