Hanley Caterpillar Greenhouses

Click here to download our hanley tunnel brochure! (please see pricing below)

We offer these structures with 17′ wide hoops at 6′ increments, standard. 4′ & 5′ spacing also available, as well as our modified hanley for more experienced growers

Ultimate in Low Cost, Portable Season Extending Greenhouses

A note of caution…
At 6’ rib spacing, these structures are not intended to, or capable of handling very much snow load. This tunnel can handle greater loads by simply reducing the rib spacing and/or increasing the length of the anchor pegs.

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Structure pricing

Pricing can be done as a complete package or as “required components”
(prices as dependent on quantity purchased)

5/8” rebar (48” recommended)
Base plate with clasp
Rope (1000’ spools)
100′ kits come with 125′ long 7mil clear plastic

Sample prices, including plastic

17’ x 102’ at 6’ spacing is $2728, extra sections +$146
17’ x 100’ at 5’ spacing is $3053, extra sections +$140
17’ x 100’ at 4’ spacing is $3614, extra sections +$134

Our prices exclude installation, end anchors, freight & taxes unless otherwise specified. Please inquire with any concerns.

HST & Freight are extra, prices current as of Aug 2021 – please call for current quote
Structure details

17’ wide with 92” center height
1”x2”x24’ galvanized 1 piece ribs
Ribs typically spaced at 6’ apart
5/8” rebar (2 per rib) 48” long suggested
1/4” marine grade rope
Base plates with clasps
Additional Notes

It is important to get the correct amount of inward lean on the anchor rods.

If they are too vertical, it will be a challenge to get the rib on and if they are leaning too much they will loose some of their holding power.

Proper tension on the rope is critical to the success this type of “greenhouse” since it is the rope which is holding the plastic in place.

The plastic is secured lengthwise between 2 stakes which should be 10’ away from the last rib.

By pulling and securing the cover lengthwise first, you will minimize the cover dipping between the ribs.

**Special thanks to David Greenburg for photos & expertise**