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Our plastic supplier has been transitioning to a heavier and stronger plastic film as a structure covering. 6mil mil UV stabilized plastic has been around for a long time. This has now been changed to 7.2 mil. This is a stronger material which is expected to last longer as well.

With the extra weight (20% increase) there is an extra cost but with the extra projected life span, the cost per year should be about the same.
This applies to both the clear and the white.
The IR plastic (infrared) has also been upgraded to 7.2 mil. This is a heat-saving plastic with anti-drip properties. Since it is also now stronger, it is okay to use as an outside layer.

Our white plastic is available in widths of 24′, 32′, 40′ and 48′. Our clear plastic is available in widths of 25′, 28′, 32′, 36′, 40′, and 48′. Our white tarp is available in any width you require, but we stock widths of 25′, 32′, and 36′ We sell these in 5′ lengths, and a roll is 100′ long. Please see our covering options page for more info.

We also offer an infra-red coating as well as an additional anti-condensate coating on our plastic covers. Plastic can also come with an anti condensate coating which will reduce or eliminate dripping in your greenhouse. This is a detergent additive that will eventually work itself out of the plastic. This happens more quickly if you have very high humidity levels in your greenhouse. The cost is roughly 10% more than regular 7.2 mil plastic and is only available in full rolls (100′ or more). This plastic has an inside and outside so care must be taken to install it properly.

One other variation on greenhouse plastic is with an IR (infra-red) coating. This plastic comes with an anti condensate coating as standard. It is a more elastic and weaker plastic so it is generally only used as an inside layer in a double layer application. This plastic can reduce your heat loss by up to 20% over a regular double poly installation. Even though this plastic has a hazy look to it, the light transmission properties are actually a couple percentage points better. The cost is roughly 25% more than regular plastic and is only available in full rolls (100′ or more). This plastic does not have an inside or outside. Please call Norm to specifically inquire about more information regarding these special coatings.