Helping you find Your Shelter Solution

Here at Multi Shelters, we look forward to working with you to fit whatever budget you have in mind for your project and publish sample prices freely for you to compare. We do our best to keep them updated, but with the fluctuating markets, please use these as a guide only and call for your custom quote.

We have found a balance that provides the economy that so many seek, while not sacrificing any quality of the structure or customer service.

Feel free to contact us for a custom quote for what you have in mind. We can work together to reach your goals. Flexibility is what we do at Multi Shelter Solutions.

Since we don’t bend any steel before getting an order, we can customize your building to fit in just the right spot or alter how it’s done for your unique request. We bring over 45 years of experience to each and every call or email that we receive from potential and existing customers and welcome standard as well as outside-the-box projects.

That factor is how we’ve come up with our “igloo” structure, the airplane hangars, our “flying” greenhouse that was lifted onto an apartment building, and more!

We pride ourselves on being able to help you find your best shelter solution, no matter how “out there” an application may seem. We’ve seen pretty much everything and look forward to your project ideas and challenges.

Check out our application pages to get you started and start the ideas flowing, there are many to choose from. Thank you for your interest in Multi Shelters and we look forward to hearing from you in 2021!