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Installing Anchors to a Base Beam

This post covers one of our most frequently asked questions, and we hope the description and video can help clarify this issue a bit more. Thanks for your feedback!

The main function of anchors is to prevent uplift. Do not forget about the “foundation function” as well which is meant to prevent settling or lateral shifting. Improperly anchoring a building from up lift, down force and lateral movement will all, equally, cause problems and expense. There are many different ways of anchoring a building because there are so many circumstances which people are dealing with.

When anchors can be installed at opposing angles, they work against each other and therefore will multiply their  holding power. Care must be taken to stay away from anchors that will bend (i.e. re-bar). When the anchors are going straight into the ground, care must be taken to ensure proper holding power. This is most often done with plugs of concrete. When anchors have been extended out of the ground, care must be exercised to eliminate the possibility of outward lean. It is important to consider the total amount of square inches of contact area between anchors and soil. Many time fewer big anchors is less holding power.

One thing which simply can not be stressed enough is that there simply is no such thing as too many anchors. Anchors are generally very inexpensive, especially when you are looking with hind site at some damage.

For more details and to watch an illustration, please see our YouTube Video below

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