Storage Structures

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**Please note we are operating at a 6-12 week turn around time for delivery once an order is placed**

As pictured above, our storage buildings can be set on a knee wall or posts to give more sidewall and overall height to the structure.

Our 30-foot wide building is a great size for hay or equipment storage (other widths available). It has a center height of 15′ and is available in any length that you may need.

Our buildings can have very straight sidewalls for more interior space with or without putting a wall.

The recommended covering is a 12 mil woven plastic tarp that is a three-layer white canvas.

The white is what MSS recommends because it lets in light, creating a more usable workspace inside, as well as it does not absorb the heat, which creates a longer life expectancy. It is UV treated to keep the sun from bleaching the contents.


The big difference is that with TARP you get extremely high tear resistance with good annual cover cost, and with PLASTIC you get slightly less life span but even less annual cover cost.


  • Custom widths, heights & hoop spacing
  • Roof vents & forced ventilation packages
  • Various types & sizes of doors with end framing are priced separately
  • 8mm polycarbonate sheeting for roof and/or ends
  • Roll up sides for natural ventilation & reduced condensation, used when extra drying capacity or air movement is required
  • Crossties for added rigidity, support or other storage


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Click here to download our storage brochure! Please see the pricing below, click to expand and print

** Please use these prices as a guide only (current as of March 2022)
& call for your custom quote, prices are subject to change without notice**
Our prices exclude installation, foundation, end framing, freight & taxes unless otherwise specified. Please inquire with any concerns.

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