East Coast Deliveries and Updates

East coast delivery run update: Our early April truck is full and because it is full as early as it is, our May truck likely will get moved up. Please contact the office at 1-866-838-6729 for further details as these situations are changing on a constant basis and we are working to follow government direction for all our operations
We realize that, especially in the case of greenhouses, how important our structures are to the timely and continued production of food. We are doing everything in our power to safely and conscientiously make our deliveries within guidelines which are mandated

Thank you to all our customers for continuing to trust us during these uncertain times. We are still operating although with altered protocols and procedures to follow new recommendations and regulations with our office & manufacturing facility, ensuring all our employees are safe and healthy.

We are not allowing facility visits at this time. Please respect our measure to keep our employees healthy and respect this decision and stay home

Our driver is taking steps to minimize contact when delivering structures, and we request everyone respect the directions given so that we can keep everyone safe

We will continue to serve you and keep you updated to any changing circumstances. Thank you for supporting small business

Livestock Shelter or Greenhouse?

One of the questions we are often presented with has to do with customers wanting a structure for dual purpose. In itself, this could be considered as a wise strategy to get multiple uses for a building so that it can be used closer to year round.

The question which needs to be asked is “Are these complimentary applications?

One of these dual applications is for greenhouses and livestock shelters. There are a lot of similarities between the two with the most prominent ones being a double roof cover with air between and that they often have roll up sides.

Where the problem arises is that when you have a greenhouse, there MUST be a clear cover to allow the proper spectrum of light to come through to allow plant growth to occur. This level of light comes with heat which can easily be a problem for animals.

For a livestock shelter 90% of the battle is keeping them dry and out of the wind, cool is better then warm. If your animals will only be in the shelter during inclement weather, you will likely have more leeway in dealing with heat.

We have had customers who cover with single clear during growing season and the put an extra layer of white during the animal housing.

If you have any questions or concerns on how you plan to use your shelter, please call or email for extra input.