We offer an option of lean-tos for areas where there isn’t as much space. Pricing for the lean-tos is generally 60% of the price of the structure.

You can see pricing and options on the various application pages and calculate it from there.

Please don’t hesitate to call us for a more firm price if you have any questions.

All of the Multi Shelter Solutions structures use the 2 part hoop system bolting together in the middle with a continuous ridge.

This allows any of our buildings to be used as a lean-to. The size of the lean-to is mostly determined by the available wall height where it will be fastened

To determine where to look for applicable information double the width of your desired lean-to (e.g. 10’ lean-to…look at 20’ wide, either regular, high or space saver)

To fasten a lean-to to the wall we can supply individual brackets for the top of each hoop if the support framing is consistent enough (55% cost of full structure) or we can supply a single-sided ridge (60% cost of full structure).

One point of extreme caution, you must be aware where snow typically comes off the building where the lean-to is being attached to.

One of our “heavy-duty” options may be required to provide the required security.

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