Large Greenhouses

 click here to download our large greenhouse brochure! (please see pricing below)

We have a variety of widths and lengths of greenhouse structures from which to choose. If you’re just trying to get a head start on the garden vegetable season (and maybe extending the growing season by a couple of weeks) consider our free-standing structures which use just one layer of poly. If your intent is to grow all year round and heat the greenhouse then you should be looking at our greenhouse packages that offer a double poly roof, inflator fan kit and roll-up sidewalls for better heat efficiency.


A COLD FRAME usually has a single plastic covered structure and used as a season extender
A GREENHOUSE usually has a double plastic cover with air in between and sides that roll up for year round use for better heat efficiency.


  • Custom widths, heights & hoop spacing
  • Roof vents & forced ventilation packages
  • Various types & sizes of doors with end framing priced separately
  • 8mm polycarbonate sheeting for roof and/or ends
  • Roll up sides for natural ventilation & reduced condensation
  • Cross ties for added rigidity, hanging baskets or crop support


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 click to download our large greenhouse brochure! See pricing chart below, click to expand and print

Replacement Double Layer Plastic for the Roof, 7-8 years
(sample examples, please call for your specific size)
30’x72′ Regular Profile $1,080
27’x72′ Regular Profile $900
24’x72′ Regular Profile $810
20’x72′ Regular Profile $720

**Please use these prices as a guide only (current as of Aug 2019, verified May 2020)
& call for your custom quote, prices subject to change without notice**
Our prices exclude installation, foundation, end framing, freight & taxes unless otherwise specified. Please inquire with any concerns.