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Long time sheep shelter customers John & Eadie Steele from Shepherd’s Choice, check out more information about them here: http://www.shepherdschoice.ca/about.html

Check out our Hanley expert on the east coast David Greenberg

Anita, Carlson Family Farm: Just to let you know, our structures from you folks did really well during the hurricane. We live right on the Northumberland Strait and got 5 plus hours of direct winds well over 100 km from the East, then calm for 2 1/2 hrs as the eye passed over us, then a real pounding from the west wind for another 6+ hours. The highest gusts along the shore here reached over 130 km/ hr!

We checked our structures every 2 hrs as our house is not directly beside them, and made sure nothing came loose (doors, etc) so that no air could get inside. But they were definitely shaking! We have single poly from 2017 on the main greenhouse which is directly open to the east & west wind but protected from the South by a large band of evergreen trees. Our raspberry field surrounds this greenhouse and had its canes stripped of leaves, but not a branch pierced the plastic (Thanking God for that!). Our newest lower structure with a white tarp, held up really well, too. Both structures are on gravel, with the treated wood sill and 4’ steel T-bars (2 between each set of arches) driven in at an angle on the inside and then bolted to the sill. The larger is a greenhouse with the inside soil worked up for growing veg and the smaller one is used for our shop to sell our veg with an undisturbed floor covered with compacted gravel.
Just thought I’d share a ‘good news story with you! 🙂
Our neighbours, who have had a 100’ long greenhouse (for spring nursery plants) with double poly on a cement foundation, lost it all during the same storm. The wind got inside and ripped the plastic off while bending the steel arches and frame. A very hard loss for them, but at least their growing season was over so no plants were inside. We had a full greenhouse of growing veg, tomatoes, cucumbers, Swiss chard, kale, rosemary, strawberries, and peppers, and we really didn’t want to take the poly off and lose the crop. I can tell you we didn’t sleep all night wondering if we had made a wise choice by leaving it on! But, thankfully all is well and we opened our shop again for business two days later, after much cleanup.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Our decision to go with a greenhouse structure from Norm and Andrea came at the recommendation of our friends at ACORN. We are slowly diversifying and growing our family farm in Northern New Brunswick and a greenhouse was the next logical step. As first timers, we couldn’t ask for better customer service. Norm and Andrea went above and beyond in facilitating the ease of installation and helped with all problem solving. We are so pleased that we chose multishelter solutions as a friend of the farm. We look forward to continued business with them!

  2. Thanks so much Justin! We’ve enjoyed working with you on your new project and have loved to see the photos you posted along the way as well! Great job and we hope it can bring you many happy returns 🙂 we look forward to our future partnership as well.

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