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From Pet Country Estates: Meet Multi-Shelter Solutions’ owner Norm Eygenraam
Located in Palmerston, Norm’s caring, professional staff was instrumental in this year’s rebuild of Tiree’s Training Centre – as well as our new doggie-daycare facility Piper’s Playroom here at Pet Country Estate.
In addition to providing customers with everything from mini-greenhouses to livestock shelters and even swimming pool enclosures, they’ve always tried to give back.  Putting their nearly 40 years of experience to work for others, Multi-Shelter Solutions have helped many charities including: East Coast Food Banks & Friends of the Orphans in Haiti.
We thank them for their incredible dedication to people-in-need, and invite you to bookmark their website:
From The Market Gardener:
We have dealt with a number of companies that make quality greenhouses and tunnels. Multi Shelter Solutions, from Ontario, offers simple and economical tunnels. Multi Shelter Solutions, Palmerston, Ontario, 1-866-838-6729.From David Geall (Check out their awesome Christmas display in Milton!)
For the last 4 years I have done a charity Christmas light show at our house in Milton, Ontario. My goal was to always have arches over my driveway but just didn’t do it until now.
Working with Norm and Andrea has been nothing but excellent. They designed and manufactured a custom spec driveway 8 arch display for me that now has 800 lights per arch .. They have instantly become a huge success with people visiting our display.
The arches were delivered on time, exactly as I needed them and installation was easy and flawless.  I could not recommend doing business with Norm and Andrea enough.
Thank-you again for a GREAT addition to our display !!

From Mike Tyser, Conneticut, USA: Very satisfied with the Quality of the materials provided and the ease of assembly due to the parts fitting together as they should.

From Organic Sudbury: Multi Shelter Solutions Greenhouses and multi purpose shelters. Lovely people, very accommodating.

From Bill Parke, Blackview Farm: (check out their new site!) I really like my shelter that I have. And Norm is great to work with

From Captain Tony via Linkedin: I have purchased one of your shelters last fall for my boat. Great investment!

Long time sheep shelter customers John & Eadie Steele from Shepherd’s Choice, check out more information about them here:

Check out our Hanley experts on the east coast David Greenberg and Dave Wolpin:

2 thoughts on “Affiliates & Testimonials

  1. Our decision to go with a greenhouse structure from Norm and Andrea came at the recommendation of our friends at ACORN. We are slowly diversifying and growing our family farm in Northern New Brunswick and a greenhouse was the next logical step. As first timers, we couldn’t ask for better customer service. Norm and Andrea went above and beyond in facilitating the ease of installation and helped with all problem solving. We are so pleased that we chose multishelter solutions as a friend of the farm. We look forward to continued business with them!

  2. Thanks so much Justin! We’ve enjoyed working with you on your new project and have loved to see the photos you posted along the way as well! Great job and we hope it can bring you many happy returns 🙂 we look forward to our future partnership as well.

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