Backyard Greenhouses


 click here to download our backyard greenhouse brochure! (please see pricing below)

This 12’W x 18’L High Profile Mini Greenhouse has a single layer of plastic for the roof and ends. It is used as a “season extender”. To make it a year round structure a second layer of plastic would be added to the roof, and an inflator fan kit would be supplied to blow air in between the layers.

This building sits on a 4” x 4” pressure treated beam (there are other environmentally friendly alternatives available as well), which is anchored into the ground.  Ventilation can be done manually  (through doors and windows or by adding roll-up sidewalls), or mechanically by adding an exhaust fan.


A COLD FRAME usually has a single plastic covered structure and used as a season extender
A GREENHOUSE usually has a double plastic cover with air in between and sides that roll up for year round use and better heat efficiency.


  • Custom widths, heights & hoop spacing
  • Roof vents & forced ventilation packages
  • Various types & sizes of doors with end framing priced separately
  • 8mm polycarbonate sheeting for roof and/or ends
  • Roll up sides for natural ventilation & reduced condensation

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click here to download our backyard greenhouse brochure! Please see pricing below, click to expand and print

pricing for mini greenhouses

Replacement Single Plastic Cover for the Roof, 5-6 years
(sample examples, please call for your specific size)
20’x24′ Regular Profile $152
16’x24′ Regular Profile $133
12’x24′ Regular Profile $119
12’x24′ Space Saver $133

**Please use these prices as a guide only (current as of August 2019) & call for your custom quote, prices subject to change without notice**
Our prices exclude installation, foundation, end framing, freight & taxes unless otherwise specified. Please inquire with any concerns.

Covering Details

  • Cold Frames are typically covered with a single layer poly and have a 5-6 year expected lifespan.
  • Greenhouses are typically covered with a double layer poly and have a 7-8 year expected lifespan.
  • 7.2mil clear greenhouse plastic comes with a 5 year warranty against deterioration by the sun.
  • White plastic should not be used for plants
  • Packages with double cover include an inflator fan. This kit includes hanger bracket with adaptor to fasten to the inside layer of the cover
  • Double layer poly with air between reduces heat loss by 30% and minimizes condensation. It is very effective for stiffening buildings in severely windy areas
  • All packages include one layer of plastic for both ends

Structure Components & Details

  • Base Brackets with 2 lag bolts each to attach to beam, curb, wall, etc (anchoring devices not included)
  • Welded continuous ridge with U channel stubs at the prescribed hoop spacing according to local wind & snow load requirements
  • Spacers between the hoops (2 per side on the larger buildings, 1 per side on the smaller buildings)
  • Diagonal wind braces in each corner
  • Wirelock to fasten the cover is composed of an aluminum channel with stainless steel spring inserts. It is included for both sets of end hoops. Sidewall wirelock is an optional extra.

Roll up Sides

  • No electricity needed with simple hand crank & stop
  • Variable height possibilities according to wind area
  • Roll up sides work best in combination with end vents located near the peak
  • Unique locking strip that is guaranteed not to slip or become out of alignment

Anchoring Options

  • Choice between Base Bracket (included in pricing seen in brochure) or Anchor Posts for anchoring
  • Anchor posts are an optional extra. These hollow steel tubes are 1 ¼ “ x 36” or 1 ¾ x 40”. There is one anchor post per hoop, usually set into concrete
  • Anchor posts are not advisable for very heavy or stony ground because of shifting
  • Anchoring the foundation is critical to the long term life of the building