Structure Options

We don’t bend any steel before we get an order. This allows us to customize our products for your structure requirements.

We use 7 different lengths of steel and can interchange the way we bend them to give you the same shape, with less height, or slightly different width if that’s what you require.

You can see more about the profile shapes and heights on our profile page

Click the chart below to enlarge it and find out what the peak height and side clearance are for our individual structures.

These can be adjusted as we don’t bend any steel before we get an order.

Using longer steel, we can increase the height with the same width, or by adjusting the curve we bend it at, we can give slightly different profiles.

Please call and speak with Norm in these special cases so we can get you what you need. The below chart is meant as a guide only. Please let us know if you have specific concerns.

chart explaining profiles of structures

We have general engineered drawings for our standard buildings to help you get a building permit.

Please review our recent article about drawings and permits to factor these things into your planning.

It is impossible to have them for all the variations we offer though, but we do have them for most of our standard buildings.

Please let us know if this is something you will require. Contact Norm for more details.

We have provided sample prices (which are being updated due to an increase from our supplier, and to be used as a guide only until the new prices can be listed next week, new prices are effective immediately) on each of these pages to give you a starting point, but have any width available from 10-32′, and can go any length you require.

We’ve done them up to 300′ long!

Typically we do structures at 3′ and 4′ spacing between hoops but can go 2′ spacing for extremely high snow areas and 6′ spacing if it will be left uncovered in the winter.

Our structures have a standard Gothic Profile that comes to a peak, to shed snow more efficiently.

Our structures are Canadian-built for Canadian seasons.

We add wind braces to ensure stability in windy areas and can give you other tips for winter maintenance and snow if you are especially concerned.

gothic frame

We also offer our High Profile structures, which give around 2′ more clearance than our regular standard Gothic profile.

Up to 16′ wide our high profile uses 1″x2″ steel. 20′ and wider uses 1″x3″ steel as standard.

high profile

We have also created our Cathedral Series, which is our standard Gothic arch (hoop) flipped around, to give more usable height, with less floor space (for RVs as an example). see here.

It is more susceptible to wind, because of the straight sidewalls.

No snow stays on this shape at all, unless there has first been a wet slushy rain/snow, and then a freeze.

This style is available in widths of 18′, 16′, 14′, and 12′

cathedral frame

We welcome your unique challenge and look forward to helping you find your shelter solution!