Profiles & Space Requirements

You can find out more information on the structure shapes on our structure options page as well

chart explaining profiles of structures

Click the above chart to enlarge it and find out what the peak height and height in from the side are for our individual structures.

These can be adjusted as we don’t bend any steel before we get an order.

Using longer steel, we can increase the height with the same width, or by adjusting the curve we bend it at, we can give slightly different profiles.

Please call and speak with Norm in these special cases so we can get you what you need.

The above chart is meant as a guide only. Please let us know if you have specific concerns.

Below is an example of a regular gothic profile. It has a curved hoop that bends straight toward the peak. It is our most common structure to date and has great snow shedding capability.

30' Pool Enclosure-Hard Cover

Below is an example of the shape of our high-profile structures. These structures give you more usable space at the side (see profile chart above for comparisons) and have greater snow shedding ability. It is currently growing in popularity.


Below is an example of the shape of our Cathedral structures. These structures give you more height with less floor space and are an idea for tall boats or RVs. Because of the straight walls, they catch more wind and must have extra bracing, with our largest Cathedral going on 2′ hoop spacing. Virtually no snow can stay on these structures.