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Our 27′, 23′ and 19′ long steel uses 1×3 rectangular tubing and is 16 gauge steel.
Our 17′ long steel uses 1×3 rectangular tubing and is 17 gauge steel.
We also have 17′ long steel that uses 1×2 rectangular tubing and is 18 gauge steel.
Our 15′, 13′, and 11′ long steel uses 1×2 rectangular tubing and is 18 gauge steel.
The Hanley structures use 24′ long steel and 1×2 rectangular tubing and are 18 gauge steel.

Please see our components page for more info.

  • Galvanized rectangular steel will give years of strong, maintenance-free service
  • Peaked roof design & slippery cover creates maximum snow shedding capacity
  • Simple design with comprehensive installation guide, online video and photo tutorials, as well as detailed online resources means quick installation time when the pre-install review has been completed
  • Custom profile & spacing for specific height & strength requirements, unique for you!

We’ve had several questions regarding cross ties being missing from orders.

This isn’t the case and is done on purpose because the last cross tie interferes with the end cover, so we ship the orders “short” on cross ties to compensate for this.

We are sorry for any confusion this has caused and are happy to help you with any other installation questions you may have.

We just want to make sure everyone is aware, if you don’t confirm any missing parts or issues with your order within 30 days, your order is considered complete and any items required will be an additional charge

Our Inflator Fans are 1/30th horsepower and move 110 CFM of air

The squirrel cage blower maintains pressure, not adding to keep a consistent bubble of air between the double plastic.

There is a notch on the adapter that you hook, and you only have to turn it once for the flange to be inside and airtight.

Click the chart below to enlarge it and find out what the peak height and individual side clearance are for our individual structures.

These can be adjusted as we don’t bend any steel before we get an order.

Using longer steel, we can increase the height with the same width, or by adjusting the curve we bend it at, we can give slightly different profiles.

Please call and speak with Norm in these special cases so we can get you what you need.

The below chart is meant as a guide only. Please let us know if you have specific concerns.

chart explaining profiles of structures

The chart below details the structure components and specifications