Update from MSS


First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude for all the front line workers in health care, grocery and growers, as well as so many more, working to keep society going and care for all of us during these challenging times.

We value our partnership with the growers in the food supply chain and are grateful we fall under the essential services in Ontario so we can continue to provide your structures, particularly greenhouses, when time is of the essence to get your operations up and running.

The safety of our employees and customers is of top critical concern for us, and as such we have modified many of our procedures, for our own standard as well as government regulations. We appreciate your help in adhering and respecting these changes so we can all come out of this safe and healthy.

Our office doors are now locked, we are not having shop visits until further notice. We will gladly connect to you by phone, email, or zoom video conferencing for all your structure questions and needs.

For any pick ups, they must be prepaid, and will be stored on the opposite side of the lot from our facility.

Our driver will not be handling any cash or cheques or having any direct customer contact. Orders must be prepaid before delivery/pick up.

Each customer will receive a detailed list of instructions prior to delivery for preparation for delivery and this MUST BE signed and sent back in order for your delivery to go as scheduled.

Stay tuned to our site for a copy of this if you’d like more details of new delivery procedures and what we need from you to help the process go smoothly. If these aren’t followed, our driver will not be able to complete your delivery.

At the time of writing this, we do still plan two deliveries to the east coast in April and another in May. Please contact the office for further details.

As this is our busiest time of the year under normal circumstances, and now with an added layer of procedures, we appreciate your patience during this time. We are still open for phone and email contacts and will reply within a week or sooner, of receiving the request.

We look forward to working with you on your structure projects!

We are grateful you place your trust in Multi Shelter Solutions for your growing, housing, and storage needs. We will rally together and get through this. Our hearts go out to all those impacted by this crisis and we pray it will pass quickly and you can find some moments of calm.

Stay safe and healthy, and we will keep you updated for any changes in the days to come.

East Coast Deliveries and Updates

East coast delivery run update: Our early April truck is full and because it is full as early as it is, our May truck likely will get moved up. Please contact the office at 1-866-838-6729 for further details as these situations are changing on a constant basis and we are working to follow government direction for all our operations
We realize that, especially in the case of greenhouses, how important our structures are to the timely and continued production of food. We are doing everything in our power to safely and conscientiously make our deliveries within guidelines which are mandated

Thank you to all our customers for continuing to trust us during these uncertain times. We are still operating although with altered protocols and procedures to follow new recommendations and regulations with our office & manufacturing facility, ensuring all our employees are safe and healthy.

We are not allowing facility visits at this time. Please respect our measure to keep our employees healthy and respect this decision and stay home

Our driver is taking steps to minimize contact when delivering structures, and we request everyone respect the directions given so that we can keep everyone safe

We will continue to serve you and keep you updated to any changing circumstances. Thank you for supporting small business