Cross Ties

We’ve had several questions regarding cross ties being missing from orders.

This isn’t the case and is done on purpose because the last cross tie interferes with the end cover, so we ship the orders “short” on cross ties to compensate for this.

We are sorry for any confusion this has caused and are happy to help you with any other installation questions you may have.

Crossties, also known as collar ties, are a horizontal bar in a structure that ties the left and right sides together.

They are usually 3’ to 4’ down from the peak.

The purpose of cross ties is to add load strength to the structure.

Many people look at cross ties as a nuisance because of lost head space but they have a threefold benefit.

  • By forming the triangle at the peak you create benefit for the dead load which is usually snow load.

The top can not come down when the sides can not spread.

  • By tying the left and right sides together, you create strength for the live load, commonly referred to as wind load.

When the wind blows from the left, the right side holds it from pushing inward and vice versa.

  • Most importantly, it decreases the rocking motion which can stress a building over time.
  • The cross tie can also supply a very useful support area for things that need to be suspended.

It is important to remember that when you spread out the load you create strength.

You can also see the complete manual, with additional tips here: and our new how-to videos here: