Shipping Crate & Scissor Door

Shipping Crate

shipping crate


We have developed a simpler way for shipping our structures when our truck is not able to get there. This is great news for customers out West and up North. Hear what Sleepy G Farm in Thunder Bay had to say!

“In all the years of farming and receiving shipments, this was the most well-packed awkward shipment I have ever seen. I already have planned how I can reuse the crates when they are empty. It was a bit challenging in getting it off the truck but it did an excellent job in protecting the product”

scissor door


The framing of a scissor door consists of 2 vertical pieces of round steel which pivot on the hoop, immediately to the left and right of the ridge.

The plastic is fastened to the “doorposts” with the MSS roll-up strip and along the hoop with the wirelock.

The vertical framing will swing out until it matches the top profile of the hoop.

This is not a solution for areas prone to significant winds.

The advantage of the scissor door is its simplicity and ability to open most of the end.

Call today for more information on either of these new add-ons that MSS can provide! We will be happy to help you find your complete shelter solution!