Inflator Fan Overview

An inflator fan is a very small fan that is attached to the inner layer of a double layer structure cover.

Because the inflator is a squirrel cage type of fan, it can run continuously against the back pressure it has created without overheating.

The primary benefit of the process of putting air between the two layers of cover is to reduce heat loss.

By having this cushion of “insulation”, the building experiences a significant reduction in condensation.

The air-filled pockets act as a shock absorber therefore substantially stiffening the building in very windy locations.

Covers tend to last longer since they are always tight.

The closer you are to achieving dead air space, the more these benefits can be maximized. 4”-5” of air space is optimum.

Too much air space will result in air movement and reduced efficiency.

When installing a double cover, both layers are on the outside of the structure but only the inside layer is pulled tight.

For all of those who are either off the grid or too far from a practical source of electricity, check out our article about the inflator fan alternatives

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