Properly Venting a Building

Properly venting a building is a critical consideration when planning your building.

Getting rid of the initial ground moisture, quickly, when you have erected your new shelter is something many people do not think of.

Quality air changes for plants or animals is something that automatically comes to mind.

Getting rid of moisture is equally as important for storing your valuables.


Since warm air holds moisture and warm air rises, it is important to have venting capacity as high as possible.

Venting through the roof, with individual turbines or a continuous roof vent, is the most effective but also the most costly.

This is only really necessary when you are in a very protected spot and there is a real need to keep the temperature down in a long building.


Most medium-length buildings that have the ends facing into the prevailing winds, can be adequately vented with gable end peak vents.

Make sure that these openings are as big as possible and as high as possible.

It is also important to make sure your “windows” can withstand the winds in your area.

Our centre pivoting gable vent has filled this requirement very effectively.

With part of the window going in and part of it going out, the wind can never get hold of it.

With the top and bottom rope through a double pully on the ridge, it is easy to maintain precise control over the opening area