Greenhouses 101: Greenhouse Choices

GREENHOUSES 101: How do you match the available options with your circumstances and requirements?

You might be wondering……What is a greenhouse? Why is it necessary? What are some of my choices and the consequences of my choices? Greenhouse choices are determined by purpose, size, shape, covering, orientation and location. How do you prioritize? 

Making a wish list of the things you are dealing with and the things you would like the greenhouse to do can be a good start. What can you change or not change? We can help you with how to make your wish list and then prioritizing the things that are most important or the things that really can’t be changed.

Check out the presentation video and the rest of the series Norm spoke on Greenhouses 101 here. Stay tuned for the end of  January 2016 when he presents Greenhouses 202! Download our STEPS TO YOUR SHELTER CUSTOMIZATION for your Project for reminders of items to consider before you purchase.