Installation By Multi Shelters


Multi Shelter Solutions does not have a crew that goes around to various sites. The area we supply buildings to (all over North America) is simply too large to cover with an installation crew…

This fact certainly has been an incentive for us to make our buildings simpler, the drawings more complete and the installation guide more user-friendly.

One of the most common questions we get asked is regarding the installation of our structures.

We have tried to create a simple yet effective solution for your applications and recently have revamped our installation guide with more pictures, a glossary and more detailed instructions about everything to empower our customers more. You can find that here.

You can see our current how-tos videos here. These structures are supplied as kits, intended for our customers to be able to install themselves. We are available for whatever questions you may have.

Many of our customers are also familiar with a contractor or someone in their area they trust to install their structure, and we are happy to work with them to create an understanding so the customers are not required to be educators as well.
Although we used to install, the weather has become far too unpredictable and we simply do not have the manpower to be able to get the structures out promptly as well as install.
We have confidence that you will be able to install these structures yourselves with a small team of people
Thank you for your inquiry, but no, we do not install,
or know anyone yet that could help.