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The challenge encountered when putting a shelter over an aircraft is that the wingspan is often greater then the overall length. Generally speaking, this would require a more expensive structure. When a building is wider, it would also be higher and catch more wind. For ultra lights and other such light aircraft, one alternative is to make a very low dolly which would allow you to move your craft into the structure sideways (see below)

To start the process of getting a shelter, you will need to know the tip to tip wing measurement and the clearance required. Since most available buildings are taller then they need to be, the profile can easily be modified to create a little more width. When increasing width you will decrease the snow shedding ability. This occasionally necessitates reduced hoop spacing. These larger buildings do not come with engineered drawings (for building permits)

Even when the intention is to leave the ends open and allow the air to flow through, it is recommended to close the upper part of the end. This stiffens the building and prevents a significant amount of weather from getting in. Care must be exercised if one end is closed and the other open. One of the other end options is to have a complete end roll up door.

The absolute widest buildings we offer for this application are 36′ & 38′ wide. These give the following clearances:

30′ wide aircraft with 7′ high wing

32′ wide aircraft with 6′ high wing

34′ wide aircraft with 5′ high wing

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