About Multi Shelter Solutions

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Manufacturing & distributing economical shelters for all your growing, housing and storage requirements.

Using our 47 years experience in greenhouse, shelter operations and construction, allow us to help you find creative solutions to your shelter requirements.

Proudly owned and operated by Norm Eygenraam, this family oriented business started in the Dundas, Ontario area in 1989, and has moved up to Palmerston, Ontario since 2005.

Specializing in unique shelter construction, we don’t bend any steel before we get an order. We sit down with each customer to assess what your structure will be used for, and the location, and help you find the solution that will be most useful for your application.

We have many standard variations to offer, but aren’t afraid to venture outside the box to get the right fit for you!

We don’t sell you a structure, we help you buy one!