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Movable Structures

Please download our Movable Greenhouse Information or our movable brochure for printable versions of this information.
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Welded base is $11.00 per lineal ft of structure. That means if your structure is 36′ long, you would calculate 36 x $11 = $396.
Skis only are $5.80 per lineal ft of structure
Our prices exclude installation, foundation, freight & taxes unless otherwise specified. Please inquire with any concerns.

Please ensure you read the instructions and considerations  FULLY and understand all the points before considering purchasing a movable greenhouse.

The intent of this page is to point out concepts rather then discuss specifics. There are simply too many possibilities to cover them all. It is our purpose here to make sure you realize the possible consequences of some of your ideas and to point out potential pitfalls.

The idea of a moving structure allows a user, with a little creativity, to protect 2 or 3 times as much area with the same building and investment. It is a very simple concept as long as some basic guidelines are adhered to. If these guidelines are not followed, the building can easily sustain significant damage. The stress of pulling must be distributed evenly to eliminate or greatly minimize the risk of damage.

If you are moving a structure often or over longer distances, please call to discuss wheel optionsmovable skis

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Turning A Shelter

Every once in a while you may find yourself in a situation where you wished the structure was oriented in the opposite direction from what it currently is. For most structures, the simplest and safest way is to disassemble and then reassemble in the preferred location and direction.

IF your building is roughly square AND it is ground mounted on a beam, the structure can actually be turned intact. You MUST have the people power and the time to finish the job once you have committed to start.

The sides must be tied together so that the building can not spread and it must be tied cross ways (“X” pattern) so that it can not come out of square as it is being turned. After you release the structure from the anchors, you will need to remove all of the existing anchors. Pry up the beam and put some round bars under the beam.

You will be pushing in diagonally opposite corners and in opposite directions. As the structure starts to turn you will need to reposition the round bars as the beam slides off of them. Once the structure has been fully turned, you must install and fasten the anchors.

See our video here: http://youtu.be/lb_x_eSMOPk