Components & Specifications

Rectangular galvanized steel is used for all of the structures we manufacture. The bigger structures are made with 1”x3” galvanized tubing and the smaller structures are made with 1”x2” galvanized tubing. The overlap is in the units which use 17’ steel (generally 20’-24’ wide) which are available with both.

The structures are always done with a single tube from top to bottom (no connections)

Anchoring is done with an appropriate size base brackets and lag bolts or anchor posts under each hoop. Base brackets will secure the building to a beam, curb or wall and anchor posts are for direct anchoring into the soil. Both base brackets and anchor posts come in 2 sizes corresponding to 1”x2” or 1”x3” hoops

Ridge – The structures almost always come with a ridge which acts as a centre spine that joins the left and right side hoops together at the peak. 1”x3” hoops have 1”x3” ridge and 1”x2” hoops have 1”x2” ridge. Ridge comes with factory welded and galvanized U-channel stubs at the prescribed spacing for the supplied building. These stubs are at the corresponding angle that the top end of the hoop is at to create the gothic shape that helps it shed snow. Standard ridges come in 12’ lengths and include an 8” long U-channel connector. On 1”x3” ridge the top connection is a 5/16”x1-1/2” hex bolt with lock nut. On the 1”x2” ridge the top connection is a #14 x ¾” speed screw.

Purlins are the lateral spacers between the hoops. Purlins are 1-1/4” diameter with both ends flattened and are fastened to the underside of the hoop with a purlin clip. The overall length is 1” more then the hoop spacing. Usually hoops up to 17’ long have 1 row of purlins per side. Hoops that are 19’ or longer have two rows of purlins per side.

Wind braces are the same material as purlins, except they are approximately 50% longer and go diagonally in each corner. By going from the purlins, diagonally down, the whole structure is braced. The quantity of braces per corner is determined by the size of the hoop, the spacing of the hoops and the quantity of purlins. 2 rows of purlins have double the quantity of braces that a single purlin structure has.

Cross ties are the same material as purlins and wind braces but longer. They tie the left and right sides of the building together, usually on the same bolt as the upper row of purlins. The purpose of cross ties is to stiffen a building under wind load and give more snow load strength. They are standard on any structure with 23’ long hoops. Cross ties are optional for all the other buildings.