Organic Greenhouses/Shelters-uses and benefits

There are many benefits to having a greenhouse structure for organic growing and housing.

They have often used a season extender for protecting crops from the elements, blight, and fungus.

Since Organic growers and farmers do not use pesticides, this type of protection is often required for some of the more sensitive crops.

smaller high profile

The structures are easy to move to allow the expansion of the growing area.

These structures can easily help to allow you to grow more crops in a limited area.

What many of our customers also do, particularly with Hanley Caterpillar structures, is start growing the early crops under the protection of the structure, and as the crop is stable enough, they move the structure to be able to start the next planting.

Knight Hanley Structure

Our structures are also used for organic livestock raising to ensure the animals have a healthy, safe and protected environment out of the elements.

They are versatile structures, and only require the changing of clear to white plastic for various uses.

The environment allows the animals to have sunlight, but still, get the shade they require.


The combination of the double layer of plastic, roll-up sides, and inflator fan, on both the greenhouse and livestock shelters, helps to reduce condensation and keep the structure ventilated.

We are excited to offer an alternative option for those off-grid customers or if the structure is out in the field away from electricity as we know many of our organic growers and farmers are in these situations.

We explored a solar-powered alternative and being in Canada it simply wasn’t practical. Contact Norm if you’d like to discuss that further