Livestock Structures: Pig Shelters

Pigs, like most of the other animals which we have provided shelters for, benefit tremendously from having a dry, wind free location to bed down when the weather is inclement.

structure with pig inside

Usually the shelters for pigs would have ends that totally open up when the weather gets better.

This is due to their higher requirement for moving / fresh air.

Open ends provide more moving air then can be achieved with the roll up sides, end vents or a forced ventilation system.

Pigs generate enough warmth and require enough fresh air that the structures would very rarely be closed up for the winter.

Another requirement which must be considered is the corrosive nature of the manure.

These building MUST be mounted on a high quality wood base or preferably concrete walls.

If the manure is in even in close contact with a galvanized framework which is what makes up our framework, there will be rapid corrosion.

Our structure packages will have the appropriate bracket with fasteners to transition from the base of your choice to the structure.