How MSS Coordinates Deliveries & Back Orders for Top Customer Satisfaction During Challenging Times

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Working With Our Customers for Mutual Benefit on Deliveries

Multi Shelter Solutions has always been known for working with its customers.

This is particularly true for coordinating deliveries to minimize freight costs. It is more than just saving on freight, though.

Our deliveries ensure that the product gets to you when it is supposed to and in the condition it is supposed to.

Occasionally we are faced with a situation where a shipment is not complete at the promised delivery date. It has always been our policy to still ship the order with the back order going out at our expense.

We deem it more important to keep you happy and on schedule than worry about the additional expense.

We know it’s well known, but with fuel prices going up at unprecedented rates and supply chain issues ongoing, meeting this commitment has become even more of a challenge and required more creative solutions.

It has also emphasized how critical good communication between all parties is. You need to have timely and accurate information on your order status and we need accurate information on your schedule.

It is pointless for us to show up with an incomplete order when you are not ready for it.

We hope that we have built up a level of trust where you feel comfortable giving us this information, while knowing we are working hard on your behalf.

Through good dialogue, we can minimize the impact of these delays for both of us.

We appreciate the trust you have shown in us by placing your order with Multi Shelter Solutions. We will always look forward to working with you on your project through to completion and in the days that follow

Why the Instruction Manual and Pick List are Important Partners in Your Structure Construction

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Every customer that gets a structure order from us will get one or more boxes of hardware. In these boxes are some important items that you must review before you get into the excitement of the actual building.

One of the boxes will be clearly marked that it contains the instructions. The instruction manual is a generic guide to building most of our buildings. The pick list you receive is specific to your building.

By using these together, you will make sure that your materials are properly accounted for and used in the proper sequence and manner.

This box will also have your name, a tag of coloured duct tape, and the number of boxes pertaining to that order. If there are 2 boxes, one will be marked as 1/2 and the other as 2/2.

The coloured tag will also be present on the bundles of your bigger hardware (hoops, purlins, etc). This is our way of colour coding parts of the order for our driver’s benefit to make sure you get a complete order.

The instructions consist of an installation manual and a pick list. You will get 2 pick lists. A “blank” one is inside the installation manual. The other one is marked and included in the pouch with your copy of the invoice.

The pick list must be used in combination with the installation manual. The pick list verifies the quantities and names of the different items you have received.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that you have 30 days to report any shortages. If you know in advance that you will not be putting the building up for an extended period, please call us to let us know and we can provide that leeway.

If there are terms on the list that you are not familiar with, please reference the glossary near the front of the manual. Many of the items on the pick list will have an associated part behind them. i.e. what bolt goes with what bracket.

There will likely be some parts of the manual that do not apply to your order. It is important to go through the whole manual to familiarize yourself with the background information we have provided to ensure you have a long structure life since it has been properly installed.

We are here to help you with the process. We are better able and more willing to help those customers who have clearly taken the time to review the manual vs ones who have not. We urge you to call to clarify things if there is a question. Many customers will take a picture of the question item and then email it. This generally speeds up the process.

As mentioned, the second picklist is in the pouch with the invoice. The markings on this are the double and triple checks that we have done to make sure we have included everything you need.

We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing pictures of your finished projects. We do offer a referral thank you program for those who have the opportunity to share about our products. Call or email the office if you’d like to know more about it.

How to Manage Structures in Extremely Windy Locations

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How to Manage Structures in Extremely Windy Locations

One of the things which frequently comes up in the conversation with new customers is that they are in a very windy location. This is important to take into consideration when making suggestions for a building.

Occasionally we are faced with an intensely windy location. The question becomes, “Can I build a greenhouse in such a spot?” The short answer is “yes”. There are five potential suggestions which we make to improve the building so it is better able to withstand regularly brutal winds.

-Go with a lower profile shape since it catches less wind. Normally we recommend high profile since it sheds snow better but in super windy locations, snow is not an issue.

-Go with narrower hoop spacing. Going from 4’ to 3’ spacing increases the strength by 33%. Sometimes it is even worth going to 2’ spacing.

-Put in more anchors. There simply is no such thing as too many anchors! In super windy locations it is worth doubling up on the anchors. It is also important to double up on the fastener between the base beam and the anchor.

-Install cross ties. Cross ties tie the left and right sides of the building together. This means that when there is added pressure on one side, the other side is assisting by holding things back.

-Go with a double plastic cover with air between. It is amazing how the cushion of air acts like a shock absorber and stiffens the building.

Depending on the severity of your situation, adding a few of these to your building may help achieve the peace of mind you are looking for. We have had situations where a customer has added all five suggestions and been extremely grateful for the rigidity which has been gained.

As much as you, we want this building to serve your needs for many years with peace of mind.

Reporting and Discussing Structure damage

One thing that greenhouse operators don’t want to discuss is damage to their structure. With the increasingly regular occurrence of severe weather, it is something you need to be aware of to ensure a long structure life and service.

Being proactive is the best defense against the changes in our environment, controlling the variables we can.

At Multi Shelter Solutions we make every effort to make a superior and rugged product. We also inform our customers of everything required for the sturdy construction of these buildings.

Despite this, we strongly suggest a careful inspection after each major weather event, again, being proactive.

There is a level of satisfaction that comes after a structure comes through each storm. This is important, but if the structure has been severely stressed, this needs to be identified.

It will take less of a storm to do twice as much damage the next time.

A major warning sign would be things just not lining up the way that they used to. By sending us pictures, our experience will guide you to the areas that could be potentially damaged. To us, there may be flags which warrant investigation, that an untrained eye may not notice as an issue.

In worst case scenarios when there has been a structure failure, it is important to get us the pictures as soon as possible. It is important that details of circumstances are fresh in your mind.

When we ask questions, we are not trying to point any blame; we are simply trying to ensure, or at least significantly minimize, the chance of a repeat problem, when you do the rebuild.

We don’t sell you a structure, we help you buy one, and want to see your continued future success. Thank you for trusting MSS with your structure purchase and allowing us to share tips to increase your success and profitability

New Driver Announcement-Bill

We are pleased to introduce our new driver, Bill

Bill has a wide range of experience around job sites and is eager to learn the specifics of what Multi Shelter Solutions does.

It will take a while before he can offer specific suggestions while unloading so please do not hesitate to reach out to the office if anything is not clear.

Welcome Bill!

A Note About Doug, our driver

In response to numerous questions about our driver, Doug, we regret to announce that he has had to step back for health reasons.

Doug has been a very valuable part of the MSS team and we wish him a speedy recovery.

It is our hope that his recovery will allow him to return as part of the team.

A big thank you to Doug for all that he has contributed over the last 6 years.