Multi Shelters Website Updates

Here at Multi Shelter Solutions, we do our best to provide flexibility in choices, quality of service and excellent value for the money. Due to some significant increases we have received on the galvanized tubular steel that our hoops are manufactured from, we have needed to raise our prices, effective immediately. The prices that you will see on the current application web pages are the correct and up to date ones.

We have also updated the sample prices for replacing the roof covers to the website as well so that you will be able to anticipate those costs down the road. These are only meant as examples, and as always you’re free to give us a call for your specific project.

Finally, it is with a sense of amazement and gratitude that we see how many people are using our website as their primary research tool for figuring out their next building purchase. There has been over 150,000 views now in approximately 28 months. Your feedback is appreciated!

Thank you for your patience and loyalty. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your next shelter project!

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