MSS Shipping Options

Multi Shelters offers a variety of shipping options to save our customers money on their buildings. We have now shipped structures to all 10 Canadian provinces, as well as the Yukon and 10 States, including Maine, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Nevada, Connecticut, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

First and foremost, we offer shipping with our truck wherever possible. We still have enough deliveries to make to the east coast of Canada that we can save you even more money with our Multi Shelter Solutions truck!

We also have a new shipping crate that makes longer distance shipping with Manitoulin Transport more cost effective. Shipping longer distances with our new shipping crate certainly has added possibilities while maintaining quality, convenience and economy.

An added dimension is the rail service that Manitoulin Transport offers to Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. By going via rail to Winnipeg and then road to Saskatoon, a recent customer is saving $400 on his freight bill.

Did you know that in many cases the difference in the exchange rate between Canada and the U.S. pretty well covers the freight?  In most cases for the north eastern U.S. the currency exchange is about equal to the freight.  We are now looking into using our truck to deliver to some of the North East United States as well to save our customers even more!

Still made and manufactured in Palmerston, ON. Call today to find out more!

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