Solar Inflator Update!

We have had much buzz and excitement from customers of the new project we are working on, so we wanted to give you a bit of an update as to the progress we are making toward being able to offer a solar powered inflator fan as an option.

We are pleased to give an update on our plans to offer a solar powered inflator fan kit for customers who are either off the grid or too far from electrical power. North American Solar Solutions has been very helpful with the initial setup and tips on how to monitor the system. The challenge we are evaluating is that the blower needs to run continually, at a time of year when there is the least amount of sun with the highest need for the system.

At present we are using a 300 watt, 36 volt panel with a 20 amp charge controller. The 170 AGM gel battery we are using will not need any maintenance and will not be as susceptible to extreme cold. As we see how the system operates, we will be able to see if anything can be downsized (cheaper) or if there will be some spare capacity for summer ventilation.

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