Upcoming New Trade Shows

We are excited to be part of some new shows and workshops coming up and look forward to the new opportunities. We hope you’ll join us!

*WORKSHOPS* Grow Better not Bigger Workshops featuring Jean-Martin Fortier in association with Perennia and ACORN
July 27 Abundant Acres, Center Burlington, NS *SOLD OUT*

July 18 Bethany Gardens, Antagonish, NS
Norm will be doing a consultation session during these workshops as the structures on properties are Multi Shelters. Jean-Martin will be conducting a book signing from the Market Gardener (http://www.themarketgardener.com/mg-tools/shelter-solutions-greenhouses-tunnels/)

**NEW SHOW** Georgian Homesteading & Survival Show  August 2-3 10 am to 6 pm
Markdale Arena, Markdale Ont.
Grey County’s premier trade show focusing on educating those interested in a sustainable and healthy lifestyle; along with innovative ideas, tools and gear for being prepared in the midst of a natural disaster, lean times in the economy or other emergency situation.

**NEW SHOW** Hastings County Farm Show August 19-20
halfway between Belleville and Madoc right on highway 62

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